Desert Commando

Ah the enemies is in our base! We need many bullets! Go and get it from boxes!

There are about a dozen arcade consoles hidden in the Götterdämmerung game world. Most of them can be played for fun, occasionally you might find one where you'll have to beat the highscore to finish a quest. As it will be a couple more months before Götterdämmerung RPG will finally be ready for release, I decided to release one of the game consoles as a teaser. Behold:

Desert Commando is a retro arcade-style Action RPG minigame, with authentic 1980s graphics and music. It's a rather simple game: collect bullets and either bring them to your father to increase your score, or use them to shoot enemies. It features 3 difficulty levles and Very Many Bullets!

Download Desert Commando now!

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