Twilight of the Gods / Götterdämmerung RPG

Götterdämmerung RPG

A world destroyed by nuclear war...
A conspiracy to free mankind by all means necessary...
A young farmboy trying to avenge his father's death...
A mysterious amulet that may be the key to many secrets...
A guitarist in search of the greatest song in the world...

In the year 2012, a series of unexplained terrorist attacks pushes the world into nuclear war; civilization as we know it is completely destroyed. The war's few survivors gather in small villages and struggle against famine and disease. In the following decades, six charismatic leaders appear in various parts of the globe and begin shaping new civilizations from the ruins. It does not take long before these new empires start to fight among each other, and new wars break out.
Slowly, gradually, the new empires learn to live with each other; today, one hundred years after the nuclear war, the world lives in a fragile peace.
In the trading post of Dikea, on the southern border of the Saharan desert, a young boy grows up in a peaceful culture of farmers who shun any technology that is not absolutely necessary for growing crops. When a mysterious flying object falls into his father's cabbage patch, his life is suddenly about to become a lot more interesting...
  • Drive cars and tanks, fly fighter planes and airships.
  • Play various minigames hidden throughout the game world.
  • Travel around the world through seven distinct areas.
  • More than 30 hours playtime.
  • Soundtrack by Moreno, Fastmono and Portinari.
  • Engine: RPGMaker XP.
  • Download the full version now!
  • The full version including the game guide is now available as Freeware. Play the entire game for free! If you've downloaded a commercial version somewhere else and are looking for a way to buy the full version, just re-download the game from here and install it over the commercial version. Your savegames from the commercial version will still work in the new version, of course.



There are six main tribes in the world of Götterdämmerung:

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