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.: Freeware release!! :. :: February 16 2014

As of today, the full version of Götterdämmerung RPG / Twilight of the Gods is available as freeware. Yes, that's right - download and play the entire game without any limitations for free! The freeware version also includes the full game guide - a 122-page guide containing a full walkthrough, maps, detailed guides for all quests, and guides to all the game's secrets. Download it now and enjoy!

Patch 1.1 now available! :: November 4 2012

Important patch release
Patch 1.1b for Götterdämmerung RPG / Twilight of the Gods is now available. It adds a skipping option for minigames, an option to deactivate underwater animations for slower computers, and a number of bug fixes. Download it now!

Game guide now available! :: October 21 2012

I have just finished and released a 122-page game guide, containing a complete walkthrough with maps, a detailed equipment guide, a guide to all the game's secrets, a list of quests with detailed instructions, and more. Download it here!.

.: R E L E A S E :. :: September 25 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen: after more than three years in development, we hereby proudly announce the release of Götterdämmerung RPG! The full version should provide you with at least 30 hours worth of classic RPG gameplay, plus dozens of minigames, unlockable bonus features, more than two hours of custom music, and lots more. The full version is a 260MB download and is completely free to play Download it now!

Demo version 1.5 released! :: September 6 2012

I have just uploaded a new demo version, featuring an improved main menu, a completely revamped battle system, new music, new food and armor items, and a partially remapped starting city. This demo version is exactly what you will get in the full version, which should finally be ready for release later this month. Download it now!

New Gameplay video on Youtube :: January 3 2012

Here's a new video showcasing my latest minigame creation:

Yes, it was a bit excessive to code a keyboard module and a text parser just for a tiny minigame, but it was a fun programming exercise. This should give you an impression of how elaborate the minigames in GD RPG are going to be.

Gameplay trailer on Youtube :: September 9 2011

I have just completed a 7 minute gameplay teaser/trailer:

Demo version 1.4 finally released! :: September 2 2010

Version 1.4 of the demo is finally available for download. It includes a complete GUI facelift with mouse support, a completely new faceset, balancing fixes, a new boss fight and a new minigame. Download it now!

Desert Commando released! :: August 23 2010

I have just released one of the arcade console minigames from Götterdämmerung RPG as a standalone game. Download it now or see the forum for details and screenshots. If you haven't seen them so far, there are also a bunch of new screenshots from the main game in this forum thread.

Demo version 1.3 released :: November 5 2009

I have uploaded yet another new version of the demo, we are now at version 1.3. New stuff includes facesets, shadows, a new shop dialog and tons of map fixes. Download it now or see the forum for new screenshots.

Demo version 1.2 released :: October 23 2009

Version 1.2 of the demo is now available for download. It adds music to the tutorial and to the starting city. Download it now!

Demo version 1.1 released :: August 29 2009

Version 1.1 of the demo is now available. It fixes a number of things, including an annoying crash bug that happened when you tried to equip the assault rifle in the tutorial, and adds visible corpses for all enemies. Download it now!

Important: Due to some changes to the way saved games are stored, saved games from version 1.0 will unfortunately not work in version 1.1

Demo released! :: August 2 2009

Version 1.0 of the demo is now available for download. It lets you play in the first area of the game and should provide about two hours of play time. Check it out!

Screenshots and stuff :: July 25 2009

Game information and screenshots now uploaded.

Site online :: July 25 2009

Woohoo, site is online now. And the Forum is active.

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